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Our Team is Dedicated to Helping Single Women find hope!

About Us

WOMEN OF GRACE AND HOPE FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Single mothers and their children in achieving a strong and stable household.

Grace Kolie President

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower single mothers and their children by providing support and resources so that they can have financial security, emotional stability, physical well-being, and spiritual serenity.

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WOMEN OF GRACE AND HOPE FOUNDATION is here to offer much-needed support. About 85% of single parents are mothers. In addition to the usual challenges, they must struggle with issues related to our society as well as a lack of emotional support. Some families face sudden housing instability, loss of income, emotional trauma, and social deterioration as the result of divorce, abandonment, or widowhood. Our team is dedicated to helping them find hope, peace, joy, strength, and confidence again.



Parenting can be challenging, especially when you must go through it alone. Single mothers’ lives will be easier with a great support system. Our goal is to create a 24/7 special center for the kids. A special center for busy working mothers where they can drop off and pick up their children anytime. Many parents need childcare in the evening, at night, or early in the morning because of their work schedules. Our desire is to create a safe and warm learning environment for kids. A place where they can engage in educational programs and activities as well as get help with their homework if necessary. Kids are vulnerable; their joy and safety are our top priority. Our goal is to provide resources to help single mothers develop and promote healthy parenting so we can set strong examples against child abuse. Single mothers will have peace of mind knowing that they do not have to worry about their kids during work hours and during the weekend whenever they need their “ME TIME”.


Our goal is to help single mothers become financially independent and stable by providing resources that will help them start successful and meaningful careers. We want to make sure that they do not walk this path alone. Mentors will work with them individually to establish and monitor a comprehensive plan to achieve self-improvement and self-sufficiency. Our vision of success is that every single mother develops the skills and confidence they need to succeed in life while dealing sometimes with difficult relationships and circumstances. Our goal is to help at least ten single mothers every year no matter what their background is. We strongly believe that effective parenting leads to successful and well-adjusted children. Single mothers need hope, restoration, and guidance to find a path toward success and independence. And we are here to walk side by side with them and to provide the necessary help.



Our goal is to bring single mothers from a mindset of negativity and despair to one of hope and victory, from death to life in their endeavors. We want them to believe in themselves and that change is possible. We strongly believe that every single mother has the potential to achieve her goals. Some of the single mothers live in fear, anxiety, nervousness, and frustration. They are focusing on their past and on what is constantly missing from their lives.
Our mission is to help them understand that there is still hope, and a great future awaiting them. There is nothing as powerful as a changed and renewed mind.

All donations will go to support our women and children in need.

These Women & Kids Require Your Help!